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Wedding Guest Lists – Not As Easy As It Sounds

Putting together a guest list for your wedding can be chaotic, to say the least. If you thought that planning a wedding would be simple, welcome to the wacky world of the guest list. Here are some tips to help you through.
Putting together a wedding guest list may sound like one of the easiest tasks you will have to do on your wedding agenda. However, as you will soon find out, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Simply writing down your closest friends and family may not be difficult, but wait until your family and your future spouse ‘s family becomes involved. They may want to invite all 30 of your long lost cousins from the other side of the country! And while this may seem just fine to you, if you are paying for the wedding yourself, it can turn into quite a different story……..

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How To Order Wedding Flowers Online

Since the internet is full of information, more brides-to-be are using it to get ideas for their wedding. Before the time of the internet, they would have to make appointments with different parties and spend hours working to get their wedding plans in order. Nowadays, you may have to meet with a few people for your wedding flowers. The rest of your search can be conducted online.
One thing that you can definitely look for online is wedding flowers. Going this route can help you to save money, especially if you are on a budget and looking for low cost wedding flowers. You can conduct research online about wedding flowers and check on the costs. You will probably find some other ideas regarding these flowers and decorating as well.
If you live in the Pearl River, New York area, you can certainly do this from home. You will need to have a budget as to how much you can reasonably spend on the flowers. In addition to that, you will need to know how many bouquets and floral arrangements you will need to get for your special day………..

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Conduct Your Own Wedding Rehearsal

One thing that can substantially raise the fee charged by your wedding officiant is the need to have him or her present at your rehearsal. This is a justifiable expense, for oftentimes the officiant is giving up the chance to perform another wedding during the time that he or she is conducting your rehearsal. It is often an expense that the bride and groom don’t need to incur however, for it’s pretty easy to facilitate a rehearsal without having your officiant in attendance.
Running your own wedding rehearsal may seem a daunting task, especially if you don’t think you are the “manager” type. However, there are some simple steps you can do to make it a breeze. First of all, it is assumed that you have worked with your officiant and have received a written script of your ceremony. (If you haven’t, then you don’t know what is going to be said on the most important day of your life, so I recommend you find another officiant fast!) So, armed with your trusty wedding script, follow the steps below and you’ll have a practice session that runs smoothly (and get everyone to the rehearsal dinner in less than 45 minutes)!
If you are having your ceremony at the same site as your reception, then the site might provide you with a coordinator to run your rehearsal at no additional charge. These folks are invaluable-they know their venue and how things flow smoothly. Rely on them-they might even run the rehearsal for you if you give them the script.
It’s better for you to turn the management of the rehearsal over to a friend or relative who is, quite frankly, just a tad bossy. Choose someone who is assertive enough to get folks to pay attention, but not so overbearing as to be off-putting to your wedding party members……..continue

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Wedding Questions 12 months before wedding

12 Months before your wedding day
* What is your wedding budget?
*Do you have a wedding planner or you will do it yourself?
*Have you found your bridal gown, or know what type, style of dress you want?
* How many wedding attendants do you plan to have in your wedding? * Have you told them the amount of their expenses?
* Where will your wedding ceremony and reception be held? What time will it take place?
* What’s on your menu? Is it buffet style or plated? This makes a difference in price. You will need the exact number of guest when calling vendors, to know how much it will cost you.
* How much will your wedding cake cost to feed x amount of people, how large will it have to be and what type or style do you want?
*Announce engagement in newspaper
*Mail engagement party invitations* Engagement Registry
* Have you decided what style tuxedo/suit for groomsmen?* Will bridesmaids dresses be custom made or ordered?* What style or type of dresses for bridesmaids

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Wedding Stationery

Planning a wedding is not something to take lightly and aside from the location, that fantastic dress you need to track down and your guest list, perhaps the most important element is your wedding stationery. Your wedding stationery is not only your chance to make a first impression on your guests, it is also the keepsake that is most often saved by guests to remember your special occasion. Below are some tips to help you when putting together your wedding stationery set.
Things To Include In Your Wedding Stationery Set
• Wedding Announcements/Save the Date Cards – Sending out a wedding announcement letting your guests know of your wedding date and location is the first step in getting an idea of how many guests will be attending (Be sure to include an RSVP card with return envelope and postage). Though you want your wedding stationery to appear as part of a set, it is sometimes a good idea to avoid expensive decoration on these initial mailings. Things like envelope liners and seals can usually be reserved for your wedding invitations. This is a good way to reduce costs on your wedding stationery overall.
• The Wedding Invitation – Being the center of your wedding stationery, your invitations is where you will likely want to spend the bulk of your wedding stationery budget and pay close attention to detail. Wedding invitations are your chance to let your guests know how formal (or informal) your event will be and are an important element in setting the overall tone for your entire wedding. As mentioned above this is also the thing most guests will save in order to remember your ceremony so take time to make sure you’re making the impression that you want. Envelope liners, envelope seals, ribbon, floral accents and multi-layered designs are a few things to consider.

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The Pros And Cons Of Having A Small Wedding

It ‘s been in every girl ‘s dream to have a great wedding someday. And I know all of them have the perfect wedding all planned out. But putting your dreams into reality could sometimes pose some problems and you end up with the next best thing. If you won’t settle for the next best thing then you might want to choose having a small yet divine wedding.
Having a small wedding doesn’t mean that it should be simple and not be the dream wedding you want to have. Unless you really dream of having a big and very expensive wedding then this just won’t satisfy you. I think it ‘s more practical now to just hold a small yet chic wedding. Most famous stars choose to have a very intimate and simple wedding. Just having the close family members of both parties and a few close friends are just invited. The important thing is that you’re sharing the most important day of your life to the persons that are also dear to you. Just have the people who really matter. Small weddings could be practical because you’ll save a lot of money. I know that most people are willing to spend money just to have that perfect wedding…..

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Catholic Wedding Program Wording & Ideas

Why Have a Wedding Program?Catholic weddings are filled with old traditions leading back hundreds of years. Providing a program to your guests will help them follow along with the ceremony, as well as understand the meaning or symbolism behind the events taking place. Wedding programs also make great keepsakes for family and friends. And as times goes by become an important recording of the people and events that took place that special day.
What to IncludeBasic elements every wedding program should include:
1. Bride and Grooms Names, Wedding Date, and Ceremony Location2. The Wedding Party (Include the Minister, Parents, and the Bridal Party)3. The Wedding Ceremony4. Thank You to Guests
Sample Catholic Wedding Program WordingIn a Catholic wedding program the ceremony tends to take up the most space. The sample below is for a Full Catholic Mass wedding with communion; feel free to make adjustments to meet your needs.
ENTRANCE RITE- Processional, “Canon in D”- Entrance of the Bride, “Trumpet Voluntary”- Opening Prayer, Bishop Catanello
LITURGY OF THE WORD- Old Testament Reading, Genesis 2:18-24 ~ Read By Susan Kim – Responsorial Psalm, “I Have Loved You”- New Testament Reading, Corinthians 12:31-13.8a ~ Read By Thomas Jones- Gospel Acclamation, “Celtic Alleluia”- Gospel Reading, John 15:9-12 ~ Read by Bishop Catanello- Homily, Bishop Catanello

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Flower Girl ~ Something Different

Using sceptors instead of flower girl baskets. You can wrap the botton with ribbon, add flowers, or feathers to match your wedding color scheme. For more tips and shopping visit

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Bridesmaids Bouquets- adding an effect

Alternating colors of bridesmaids bouquets, using your wedding color scheme. If your wedding colors are brown and ivory, your 1st bridesmaid to walk down the aisle will carry a brown bouquet. Your next bridesmaid will carry a ivory bouquet, and of course you can have brown accents in the ivory bridesmaid bouquet. You can also have your bridesmaids carry shades of brown bouquets. Example: Shades of brown, tan, amber, apricot, light brown, dark brown, and so on. 1st bridesmaid would carry a dark brown bridal bouquet, 2nd bridesmaid would carry light brown, 3rd might carry amber bouquet. You can also use this color scheme for your table centerpieces, or table linens. Your bridal bouquet can be a solid color, which some brides prefer for their bridal pictures, and use a different bouquet, containing all colors in their wedding color scheme for the wedding ceremony and reception. For more wedding tips and ideas, you can visit Q & A section

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