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Wedding Questions 12 months before wedding

12 Months before your wedding day
* What is your wedding budget?
*Do you have a wedding planner or you will do it yourself?
*Have you found your bridal gown, or know what type, style of dress you want?
* How many wedding attendants do you plan to have in your wedding? * Have you told them the amount of their expenses?
* Where will your wedding ceremony and reception be held? What time will it take place?
* What’s on your menu? Is it buffet style or plated? This makes a difference in price. You will need the exact number of guest when calling vendors, to know how much it will cost you.
* How much will your wedding cake cost to feed x amount of people, how large will it have to be and what type or style do you want?
*Announce engagement in newspaper
*Mail engagement party invitations* Engagement Registry
* Have you decided what style tuxedo/suit for groomsmen?* Will bridesmaids dresses be custom made or ordered?* What style or type of dresses for bridesmaids

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Wedding Tip #1

Flowers associated with Love and Romance: Calla Lilies, Casablancas, Roses, and peonies, which also make beautiful centerpieces and bouquets, artificial or fresh! for other glamourous events, vist

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Wedding Cake Tip

Grocery store bakeries, they are cheaper if you need to save money. If you know someone that does cake decorating, you can have them cut and assemble your wedding cake for a small fee. They will usually have the cake stands if they are into cake decorating. Another good tip is using the floating cake stands, because it gives the illusion of a large fancy wedding cake. If you choose a grocery store bakery, you can add artificial or fresh
flowers to your wedding cake. As a cake decorator myself, I would trust wal-mart, or super 1 foods,  I’ve ordered my kids birthday cakes from there and couldn’t complain. What you can do is also use some of the cakes ordered as satellite cakes, which are cakes you put around the main wedding cake. 10 or 12 inch. You can also have a candy or dessert buffet, and a smaller wedding cake. Hope this helps all my princess brides!!!

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